About Us

No, we're not related to other Panda companies. We're just Panda Kids.biz, an online children boutique that specializes in products for babies up to 6T in age.

Panda Kids.biz has been around since August 2013, which was first created by the designer name Charlee Bong. She has a passion creating something unique and finding the quality in children's clothing. Two years prior to launching Panda Kids.biz, Charlee noticed how children's clothing can be very pricey for some parents, and they also find no way to be able to afford something in a better quality at an affordable price! That's where the fair and affordable boutique quality comes in. 

People ask; what makes you unique?
We say, well, we are not any different than the next person, but we offer the rare quality of organic cotton, Japanese cotton, and the availability of cashmere fabric as few in the fashion couture line. 

Knowing the mission is to make shopping easy for all those busy parents who don't have the time to go shopping at a busy mall, or just don't like the crowds. Panda Kids.biz and our team's status as a small boutique allows us to provide the personalized, high-quality customer service that you won't find at an anonymous retail giant, at an affordable price. 

We sell boutique quality products, including several unique product lines, from our partner suppliers who have the same high standards we cater.

Thank you for stopping by, and we look forward to pampering your children and you!