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Baby Feeding Pacifier

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This pacifier is designed for introduction to food and fruits.
The nipple has holes to produce the food, while the baby sucks onto the food. It is a great way to introduce babies to solid food as well for those that are teething. 
Alexander is eating from a small size nipple, and he's rocking our Storm Pooper onesie. 

They are easy to use, all you need to do is pop the cap open, insert food/fruit that is easily consumed for the baby, and allow the baby to enjoy the food you want them to try. 

Pacifier is easy to clean and replace with different size nipples. 

* 100% Plastic On The Handle And Cup
* 100% Hygienic Silicone On The Nipples
* 100% Dishwasher Safe

Pacifier includes One pacifier cup and 2 choices nipples of your choice.

Available nipple sizes (Please select from the drop-down menu): 
Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-18 months), Large (18-38 months)

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